Факултет за примењени менаџмент, економију и финансије (МЕФ)

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The Master in Information Technology aims to produce graduates who excel not only in terms of knowledge and know-how but also in terms of sophistication, adaptability and professionalism. The program trains the students to meet the demands of the fast-paced IT industry through the work-and-study approach combining strong theoretical foundations with practical training and liberal education. MIT graduates are also trained to have a critical mind in order to facilitate the research to further develop the industry. The MIT program aims to produce well-rounded graduates that are highly qualified in advanced information technology concepts, techniques and principles, by exploiting the acquired skills in order to provide managerial and senior-level solutions and addressing the organizational and societal problems.

MIT is one-year program through which students choose between two modules (Internet Technologies 1 and Digital Marketing 2).

The program consists of five obligatory courses, and by choosing one of the above offered modules, student determines closer his further professional orientation.

After completing all obligatory courses, a student would have fulfilled all requirements before they have the right to choose a topic for their Research paper in IT (a paper regarding the project assignment written using the convenient scientific methodology). Having successfully completed all the exams and the Research paper, student gains the right to submit their Master paper which is the final step of MIT program.


With the Master degree in IT students receive the adequate knowledge and skills they need for their professional work and further carrier development.

By writing the Research paper, students get introduced with new trends in chosen scientific field. Moreover, by writing the Master paper, student is trained to do the research and to tell the results of their research. This serves as a stepping stone for their PhD studies. Future Master Engineers in IT are trained to be experts in applying both theory and practice. They take initiative, plan, organize, execute and control the realization, in the IT area.


Our diploma allows the students to propel their careers as senior systems analysts, lead software engineers, solution architects, and project managers. Some of them may be at the helm of organizations that manage database systems and network infrastructure. For more business-inclined graduate students, there are also careers opportunities in technical sales, marketing management, and business development. The majority of graduates tend to work for the software building companies, business-process outsourcing, manufacturing, and telecommunication industries, while a number of them set up their own high-technology outfits. MIT graduates can also pursue the PhD in the area and therefore teach in universities and engage in advanced research to enrich the field of information technology. The MIT program aims to produce experts in the business of IT.


  • Master engineer in Information Technology - 60 ЕCTS (300 ЕCTS overall)


Bachelor's degree in IT or Computer Science or any other adjacent science (at least 240 ECTS)

Conditions for transfer of ECTS are closely regulated by the Statute of the Faculty.


€ 1800,00 for Serbian citizens and € 3500,00 for foreign citizens in RSD countervalue (payment possible in monthly installments), bank account No. 170-0030018196000-69 @ UniCredit Bank


  • Because we grant our students knowledge and teach them the importance of correlation between different scientific areas as informatics and management and business and we also teach them how to adapt in a dynamic multidisciplinary technological environment through team work, business ethics and communication
  • Each student works with a mentor
  • We offer quality education
  • Our students work with advanced software technologies
  • We dispose of wide professional literature
  • Adequate use of scientific methods
  • We organize internships for our students
  • Internationally recognized diploma/degree.
  • We make sure our future IT Engineers have successful careers
  • Our graduates are completely capable and prepared to move forward to PhD studies

MEF Faculty

Information Technology

  • Duration: 1 year (two semesters), 60 ECTS
  • Academic title: Master engineer in Information Technology

I година

  • Scientific research; methodology and organization
  • Business systems analysis and design
  • Advanced software technologies
  • Е-business Planning and Implementation

    Module Internet Technologies/ elective course 1 (student chooses 1 out of 2)

  • Distributed systems and applications
  • Integration of software technologies and applications
  • Module Internet Technologies/ elective course 2 (student chooses 1 out of 2)

  • Modern Web development
  • Software testing and measurments

    Module Digital marketing/ elective course 1 (student chooses 1 out of 2)

  • Internet marketing and social media
  • Business strategy and digital marketing effectiveness analysis
  • Module Digital marketing/ elective course 2 (student chooses 1 out of 2)

  • Modern PR and political digital marketing
  • Digital branding

  • Business process modelling and optimisation
  • Research
  • Master thesis